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Aiding Retailers In Their Plans to Reopen Safely

With Governor Abbott’s announcement for businesses to reopen Friday, May 1, BASSETT will be aiding our retailers in their efforts to begin reopening. That said, we want you to know that at BASSETT, we promise to do our very best to keep you as safe as possible as the economy makes gradual steps towards re-opening. So, while Governor Abbott has announced Phase 1 of re-opening to begin on Friday, May 1 for retail stores, restaurants, movie theaters, and malls, BASSETT will continue to focus on what we should do, instead of what we can do.

  • Temporary Reduced Hours: Rather than re-opening during normal hours, we will instead re-open with reduced operating hours: Monday-Saturday hours will be 11am-7pm, Sunday hours will be 12-6pm.
  • Limited Occupancy: Occupancy will be limited to no more than 25% at all times, seven days a week.
  • Cleanliness & Social Distancing:
    Should you decide to visit BASSETT at this time, we ask that you please take all necessary personal precautions to protect yourself and others by practicing social distancing and wearing a face mask. While El Paso city officials have announced that masks are encouraged but no longer mandatory, certain retailers may still require a face mask or a temperature reading before entry. Such decisions are the right of the retailer, but BASSETT will not be enforcing that retailers do so. That said, all BASSETT staff will be required to wear masks and to practice social distancing during operating hours.

Please note, not all retail stores will be reopening as soon as Friday, May 1, as we expect retailers to take their time and only re-open when they deem appropriate. Essential retailers, like Target, have been required to stay open during COVID and will continue to remain open. We will do our best to keep our website directory up-to-date with the current hours of operations for each retailer.

Given all of the above, at this time we still ask that you do your best to visit only for essential items until we successfully pass through Phase 1 of re-entry.

Please stay safe, stay informed, and stay connected by visiting our website newsroom for live updates, our directory for retail reopening, and our Instagram or Facebook, for the latest social news.

On behalf of everyone at BASSETT, we sincerely hope you are well, and thank you for supporting us in these uncertain times.